Monday, January 24, 2005

Magikal Party Morsels

Pick the biggest Morsels that are nicely whole out
But those that are small squeeze out well and hack them small.
Take Eggs/ beat them well thoroughly and leave drain through a Hair Cloth
[do the equivalent of beating them]
Put green well-tasting Herbs also put those finely chopped Morsels therein.
Make stirred-food and do it again on a sack and hack small the eggs
and fill those big Morsels there with wash them in ten Waters (morsels have lots of nooks and crannies and could be really gritty if not washed very carefully and in many changes of water)
put them in a tin-lined Fish kettle with fresh unmelted Butter/ also pour a little Pea broth and green Herbs that are chopped small set on the Fire/ and let seethe so that a little Broth is obtained Thus it is good and well-tasting.

You can also make Morsels in another manner – with god particles.
When they are washed clean then one does them in a Pan or in a Kettle
Do Butter and Pepper and Salt and Let seethe therewith
then they give off enough Moisture.Let them seethe a short time.
And when you want to make them quickly so do therein green well-tasting Herbs that are hacked small Thus the party morsels they good and well-tasting.


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