Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Descripcion about a especial man

This man is so unreal, that firstly is so knod with the populus, and he always look at the womens with a special form that produce a mistery in his way of look, he is charming and likes so much take care of his friends and his closer family, he is constant in his job and in front of his face, he has a smile in front of his problems and lofty with the people at his work. He gets what he wants oh yes, because he is the most randy man I have ever seen. When we go outside to make a romantic dinner people look at his spiffy. he is so broad-based with his parfum, he is so aromathic. For me he is much more than an adorable man, he makes me adrift. That is the most important for me is that he takes care of the older womens in the hospital.

Friday, May 06, 2005

cinema local is prejudice

Now,the cinema in the local is prejudice, and this report is to recommend good instruments to help face it.This report is against the local cimena falling, because people prefer to stay in their homes.In order to convact with this sum of problems, the city hall should have a nursery for all the babies. Furthermore, the quality of the film is not sure at all.We need to finish with this problem.If you prefer a copied DVD, is because you don´t love cinema, in short the quality is pathetic! We need more diversity such as war movies. To sump up, a rnage of incredible histories is needed for attractive people.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tree years ago...

tree years ago I travelled with her for Easter. We were going to bee. At the beginning I founded it interesting like, but then I was shocked and tense and quite anxious. It was sow! It was full of spider need, and quite scary. Who was the killer? People started to panic. A leady was on the floor!! My mother´s face went pale. Suddenly a pan said the show was finished. What a terrifying time!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Idea for a spot

A young man has thirty years is in kitchen trying to cut a great peace of jam, he tries to cut one time another time without successful. Then a nice and young woman, his wife, has an age thirty also, walk to him very serious and say him : we have to cut.

He doesn't know what to say and afirm with his head then they catch a great and very beautiful knife that they cut up the jam in a second showing the people the new kind of super-knife that there are nothing that the super knife cannot cut!!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

People nowadays...

People nowadays work to hard, they suffer, and this cause stress, and this is bad. A way to relax your mind is by doing sport, but this depends of the sport to be payd. For example, a person can contort doing yoga or even thay-chai, but this is dangerous for people with assma, and this is bad. It exist more other ways.Go for a walk, this is good. In my case, my mind become relax on a book, specially dancing. Doing sport it makes me gife off much adrenalin, and this is good. Pepple need to organise their lifes better, or by doing some risk, this is better. and if you decide to do a sport, this is good.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Bernie's nightmare

He whent to the kitchen for a roll and some butter and a cup of tea. but then he heard a stenchy sound, he started to look at what was making the noise when he found a sow in the kitchen. He couldn´t belibe it. it was hairy and heavy, he tried to catch it, but he could not. he phoned the zoo. the zoo man came and accused bernie of stealing the sow.He took him downstairs. Bernie started to feel nervous. the sow was suffering and running. Bernie woke up at 3:00 from this nightmare.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Magikal Party Morsels

Pick the biggest Morsels that are nicely whole out
But those that are small squeeze out well and hack them small.
Take Eggs/ beat them well thoroughly and leave drain through a Hair Cloth
[do the equivalent of beating them]
Put green well-tasting Herbs also put those finely chopped Morsels therein.
Make stirred-food and do it again on a sack and hack small the eggs
and fill those big Morsels there with wash them in ten Waters (morsels have lots of nooks and crannies and could be really gritty if not washed very carefully and in many changes of water)
put them in a tin-lined Fish kettle with fresh unmelted Butter/ also pour a little Pea broth and green Herbs that are chopped small set on the Fire/ and let seethe so that a little Broth is obtained Thus it is good and well-tasting.

You can also make Morsels in another manner – with god particles.
When they are washed clean then one does them in a Pan or in a Kettle
Do Butter and Pepper and Salt and Let seethe therewith
then they give off enough Moisture.Let them seethe a short time.
And when you want to make them quickly so do therein green well-tasting Herbs that are hacked small Thus the party morsels they good and well-tasting.