Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Descripcion about a especial man

This man is so unreal, that firstly is so knod with the populus, and he always look at the womens with a special form that produce a mistery in his way of look, he is charming and likes so much take care of his friends and his closer family, he is constant in his job and in front of his face, he has a smile in front of his problems and lofty with the people at his work. He gets what he wants oh yes, because he is the most randy man I have ever seen. When we go outside to make a romantic dinner people look at his spiffy. he is so broad-based with his parfum, he is so aromathic. For me he is much more than an adorable man, he makes me adrift. That is the most important for me is that he takes care of the older womens in the hospital.


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