Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Costumer Relashions Bad Vice

How to make a costumer's day:

1. If a costumer approaches, deal with the problem

2. In front of a costumer, stop to chat with the other employees about what you did last night.

3. A teenager (or someone who's not very well dressed) must have the same service as an elegant costumer. If a teenager want's to be waited, don't ignore them and waste the same time with them. Maybe they aren't "just looking".

4. Serve costumers in the order they enter the agency because the costumers of enter firstly can worry if you don't do that. Ask on whoever has the nerve to elbow their way up to the front.

5. If someone wants to be waited on, you have to serve him. It doesn't matter how many years it have.

6. If a costumer approaches, accept responsibility. And never bothering in front of customers.

Comment: Words of wisdom for those of you involved in dealing with those people who make outfits for carnivals.