Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A typical English puff

Dear Stan,

It was great meating you, you sow me many things.You are a very distinctive person.I would be grateful to be your fiend. Did I tell you that I am nursering? The geriatric was too complicated with the old people. Isn´t it great, so many imagination.It is good for your maind to learn too much. I would like your aid, please. When I arrive in the UK, I want a job in a typical english puff. That would help me with my english, don´t you think?
Lots of love, Mireia

Monday, November 15, 2004


hey there Frankie,

How are you? That´s great, isnt´it? So, to answer your questions, i´ll be at the hotel. Could you help me pay for it? thanks for the favor, man.You said you´ll do your bests to give me a good time in the United Kingdome. If you want to come to Spain, you can do it! You can stay at my home, do you know it? Don´t it? Hope to meet you again sson, Xavi.

A fine one you are too...

Dear Darko,,
I know you are a fine one. I am too. I am sure we are agree. I muts to tell you about my problems, and for this problems I can not to come to the UK to study. I have the physical problems ( like insomnio and eruptions, etc...) and for this I can not sleep.
I know you will understand with time.
Yours sincerely, Anna

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Dear Frankie...

Dear Frankie,

I hope you are still studying. Well, I have finally decided to start my adventure in January! The day of my arrival, I want dinner. Could you send me please good and cheap language schools. I heard that folks in uk are stroppy? Fainly, I am interested in celts and the lakeness monster.

Must dash now to go to College. Remember, the good clothes are sweaters.

Yours most sincerely, Miguel.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Like some switwith that scone?

My grandmother is very good at cooking, but damned good for doing some swit.