Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Idea for a spot

A young man has thirty years is in kitchen trying to cut a great peace of jam, he tries to cut one time another time without successful. Then a nice and young woman, his wife, has an age thirty also, walk to him very serious and say him : we have to cut.

He doesn't know what to say and afirm with his head then they catch a great and very beautiful knife that they cut up the jam in a second showing the people the new kind of super-knife that there are nothing that the super knife cannot cut!!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

People nowadays...

People nowadays work to hard, they suffer, and this cause stress, and this is bad. A way to relax your mind is by doing sport, but this depends of the sport to be payd. For example, a person can contort doing yoga or even thay-chai, but this is dangerous for people with assma, and this is bad. It exist more other ways.Go for a walk, this is good. In my case, my mind become relax on a book, specially dancing. Doing sport it makes me gife off much adrenalin, and this is good. Pepple need to organise their lifes better, or by doing some risk, this is better. and if you decide to do a sport, this is good.