Saturday, June 12, 2004

A letter

Dear sirs.

My first question is, are you the guy responsible? If you are, then I have some questions please. Let the answers be clear. My husband and my soon, who is 12 years old, would like to come by bike, horse or on foot - depending of the distance between hotel A and hotel B. My son gets sea sick, so no boats. If something wrong happens, do you have insurance for the carrying luggage service? By the way, I will be thanked if you could please tell me about the pet services. We would like active holidays. You do not even talk about how we get to your country. Do we do this ourselves? We do not want to suffer, and we need details.I called many times, and the secretary was unable to speak, I repeating all the time, but she isn´t listen to me. She only repeat let the people pass. After this adventure, I only get an answer machine, and so, now I write. I want to remark that I am very unhappy. As you see, we need help to close our decision.Also, could you tell me if the other people arrive at the other hotel on the same day?We will like your responce soon.

The Keeley Family

Explaining an accident

A few years ago, when I was young, I visited a farm with my mother, brother and grandmother. There were lots of huge animals. I saw a ladder and went up, and fell on my My grandmother screamed child what do you do? I cried. Blood did gush forth Why me? Why me? We went to the doctor´s and he put points in. I had a button hole in my goat´s beard .

RECIPE for : Lindeen Party Buns

Crumble up the ingredients. Then, in a pot, warm to skin temperature. Work the dough. Add more flower if it is too sticky. Work the dough. Work till it is shinny and smooth. Roll into a rectangle. roll from the short side.lay each piece cut side up in a paper form. Brush with an egg, and put cling warp on. pour a little sugar onto each party bun.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Vigorous holidays enquiry

Dear sirs and madam,

I am really interested in the active holidays you are promoting with such vigour, but first I will ask for some clarification.
Does an expert guide lead us around? Is this man´special services included?

Where do your holidays take place? In what countries? Can we go on bike or car? Special attention please, because my father is blind, and last yeay he ran into a horse, and was not advised. The horse was startled, and my father had a very terrible time. It is also important for him that the hotel is not a maze, he could be more ill. We would prefer Italy becuase we are a very religious peoples and we know the momuments are related with religion. How long are they inclusive? Please especificate the place.
Furhermore, give us some maps.

Thank you