Friday, May 28, 2004

A letter, of which, apply, it does, for job

Department of Human Resources

I go to you, with the purpose of requesting the incorporation of my Curriculum Vitae, in their work grove. I want to obtain the possibility to work being part of one of their teams, or in some of the brokerage of the chain.

I am an organized responsible creative and with the biggest motivation to incoproate in their company.

I thank that one has in consideration my application. I am at your disposal to carry out the interviews and tests that you/they believe convenient.



Wednesday, May 26, 2004

And follow this recipe if you dare...

Pote Asturiano (Asturian stew)

preparation: the pig leg is wet during the night, the beans in water cold. The following day, in a potty, they put on those beans they did, the puddings too, the parts of the pig one has available, and cold water. Put in the fire, and when it breaks, scum it. Scum it well. Descend the fire, and leave to cook solemnly for two hours. For separate, cook the vegetables in many places, wash them and drop them and subsequently, throw them with the beans and pig parts one has available. Remove everything, add peeled potatoes, departed in regular pieces. Scum. if necessary, it is added the water of greeness, as the Asturian pan must never be dry. He or she seasons with salt, keeping in the brain the salt of the meats. Leave on the fire until everything is tender ans united. Scum again. In their point, retire of the fire, and it is allowed to rest. it is delicious eaten one day after another.

Follow this recipe if you can...

Fabada Asturiana (Asturian beans)

3/4 kilos of beans (beans of the farm)
3 sausages
2 or 3 puddings
300 grams of fatty
150 grams of bacon
1 ham bone
1 ear piece or pig tail

they put the beans to lavish in water they did, cold water, the previous night, and he or she puts in temperate water, the fatty, the bone and the pieces of pig, ear or tail.

the following day, in a big pan, throw the beans and the other ingredients, throw them too. Cover with cold water, and put in the fire, after boil, scum it well, cook and dilute, in the event of needing it , cover with water of time and when. to be sure the scumming is well. the broth should be thick, then of you want, pin a chicken too. retire of the fire, and allow to rest some moments. they spend to one source, with the meats and the sausages left in pieces. for the finest beans, throw more fatty.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Another letter of complaint

Dear Sirs,

I am writing indignated at the service in your Chinese restaurant. I wish to point out the terrible things we suffered at our dinner we consumed there. First, we were in a corner, and the smoke from the kitchen made it impossible to breath, and we couldn´t see the waiter. When he appeared, he was most nasty.The quality of the food was dreadful. It was cold, slimy, chewy, tough and oily. Some things we could not identify.When we got up to sing Karoke, we were surprised to see that our food had been whippped away.Maybe we should have expressed our sorrow at the time, but our only wish was to live as soon as possible.

Letter of complaint

Dear sirs,

I am desolated to read about all the incoveniences the local residents have suffered, so long and in silence. I would like to apologise for their problems, like standing the noisy groups in the streets late at night, blocking pavement, shuffling and dropping litter everywhere.

To compensate them for general inconvenience, I would like to invite them, all each and every one even the ones who might be interesting to our open day at our college.

This event includes a pig rostid and a principal. You will be challenged by our teams, and there will be opponents. There will also be a display of photographs and the audience will drink.

We hope you come. Please bring your family.



Please give advice to these people

1) "I've hurt my back"

Answer: You should buy another

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Michael Jackson

He is not a real human. He is a monster look alike. It cause me the sensation of weakness and like vomiting. His whole body is a white lie. He seems to have white piel that he can put off whenever he wants. All these operations have made him into a poor something. Someone told me one time that because of his operations in a concert, his nose got unstuck of his face. I feel bad for him.

Shish Kebab - definitions of

A shish kebab is..

...a peaces of meet which are cut very tinily and sticked on a fine cutted stick like a nail and used for food

...peaces of meet usually of pig and are all in a small stick and normally you eat directly of there

...a natural long lines of cactus with cubs of meet and you cross the food for comfortable eating

...a little pig on a tiny stick

...ten or eight pices of mead like a cubs and all this are together because we make a hole in the center with a stike with sauce or vegetation in the hole

...a type of food and thepresentation is very original. You put the meat and the vegetation in a little stick

...a fod that consist in small peaces of meat that are link by a small and thin peace of wood. Its colour is use to be orange.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Rosario's letter

Hello David!

Thee scribe one letter. You companion Rosario for who part how I am. Imagery who I got men and my name is Carlos.

Am high with the hair long blonde and swizzle.

Am I artist and give concert touch the flute, to taste to clothe extravagant for my actuations.

Expectation, who thee to taste my news image. Your leave from thee.

Your companion the friend from class.


Run for the Scones


How are you? I want to now tell you Connes átá tú? this is the little Irish I know. Very nice the little irish. I have no news now. At the moment I do jobs not fit, like up to the attic with 30kg accountants, however, only 8 hours and a half. In essence, the problem is that exist a big big trouble. I am troubled by this trouble. All people are living their jobs becuase Henry is more authority, bad polite. Why? I do not know. And the staff feels afraid and don´t tell the truth. They hate him as well. I am sad because he should be put my final marks and i have the impression that i will be fail by he. He is pure jealous and envy. The unique person that gives me the reason is the little Irish man with stools.Is there a solution? The man with stools thinks not.He speaks bad words behind me. All is good except for this little big trouble.This is what I do, my duties.

Good morning breakfast check list:

Run for the scones and turn on the music
Marmelade portions
a tongs
put ice into the insert
little white puddings
grapefruit segments
extract the cling film wrap and turn up to breath
ample amount of cereals
berry compte
go to tidy if necessary
always have brown on the table
sufficient utensiles for healthy options
always check underneath
add butter to all tables

At the moment people are welcoming and i going to pubs where they sing like birds.